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Feminised Cannabis Seeds

You're missing out if you haven't added feminised seeds to your cannabis collection yet. Modern breeders have perfected the feminisation process to create seeds that are stress free. No need to remove male plants and no waiting around. Buy some feminised beauties and you won't have to get your hands dirty!

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  1.  Amnesia Bilbo Seeds

    Genehtik Seeds

    Amnesia Bilbo Seeds
    From £9.08
  2.  Atomical Haze Seeds

    Paradise Seeds

    Atomical Haze Seeds
    From £60.50
  3.  Best Mango Seeds

    Genofarm Seed Bank

    Best Mango Seeds
    From £26.39
  4.  Big Shark Seeds

    Genofarm Seed Bank

    Big Shark Seeds
    From £41.80
  5.  Black Dream Seeds

    Eva Seeds

    Black Dream Seeds
    From £19.25
  6. blizzard seeds


    Blizzard Seeds
    From £20.35
  7.  Blue OG Seeds

    G13 Labs

    Blue OG Seeds
    From £43.99
  8.  Brooklyn Mango Seeds

    Dr. Underground Seeds

    Brooklyn Mango Seeds
    From £14.30
  9.  Bubblelicious Seeds

    Nirvana Seeds

    Bubblelicious Seeds
    From £26.39
  10. california

    Fast Bud Seeds

    California Snow Seeds
    From £8.00
  11.  Chocolate Skunk Seeds

    00 Seeds

    Chocolate Skunk Seeds
    From £20.89
  12.  Congo Feminised Seeds

    Ace Seeds

    Congo Feminised Seeds
    From £8.25
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1-12 of 1408

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What do these little ladies do? Feminised seeds are bred to specifically eliminate male chromosomes. Before feminised seeds, cannabis seeds were approximately 50% male and 50% female, which meant growing took a lot more effort and time. Feminised seeds ensure that every plant you grow is going to be female, which means lots of budding leaves. That's right, those men aren't necessary! Female cannabis plants naturally produce staminate flowers under stressful conditions (such as weather or light changes) to naturally pollinate themselves, allowing them to survive.

There are lots of reasons why to pucker up for feminised seeds. Male plants don't pull their weight as they don't produce buds. They can even wreck your crops by turning those lovely productive female plants into lazy males. The girls are also preferable as they hold a much higher content of THC, CBD and CBN than male plants.

If all that hasn't got you sold, seed banks around the world are quickly replacing their normal cannabis seeds with feminised auto's. That just proves the demand for these stable genetics are getting higher. Stop wasting time, pick a strain and discover the power and yield of these hybrid seeds.

Discover the power and yield that feminised seeds possess. You won't believe your eyes!

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